Thursday, January 22, 2009


Poised at the Edge Book Review
Sara Zarr

When Jennifer was a little girl she was ostracized, and teased mercilessly. Grade school was awful; it would have been pure hell if it weren't for her best friend Cameron. Together they weathered the taunts of the more mainstream children. They were always there for each other, until one day Cameron wasn't.
At first things were agonizing for Jennifer, but over time things began to change for the better. Her weary mother married a very decent man, who took them out of poverty, and helped Jennifer build a new life in a new place. Jennifer took it upon herself to leave her old identity behind. Gone was the chubby girl in shabby clothes, who cried at every insult (and there were lots of those.)
So Jennifer morphed into Jenna. Now she was slimmer, with shiny hair, nice clothing, popular friends, and a "normal" family in a nice house. Jenna even finds herself with a boyfriend, who lots of other girls like. But Jenna still feels Jennifer living inside her. It's almost impossible to erase the past, and be the bubbly charming girl she knows she has to be (lest people hate her, and tease her again.)
Then one day Cameron returns. His sudden appearance cracks at the fragile veneer that Jenna has been showing to the public. Now Jenna is forced to face her past, and find closure with her former self.
SWEETHEARTS is a literary victory. Sara Zarr's debut novel, STORY OF A GIRL, was universally acclaimed by critics and fans alike. Now she proves herself as a highly skilled, emotionally smart, and totally exciting member of the YA writing community.

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