Thursday, January 22, 2009


Poised at the Edge Book Review
Lisa Schroeder
Ava's summer begins with a funeral. Now Jackson, her first true love, is dead and gone from her forever. Or is he? Soon after the funeral Ava feels cold drafts in the house, hears her CD player play songs of its own volition, and smells the scent of Jackson's sandalwood shaving cream. Though she can't see him, or touch him, she knows he's there. Jackson has come back to her.
At first it feels like a miracle, a blessing. He even visits her in dreams, where she can see him, and kiss him, and truly be with him again. Now all that Ava wants to do is stay home and be alone with him. She doesn't want her friends to call or visit. She begins to withdraw from the world around her.
But after a while it doesn't feel like enough. Jackson's spirit is prone to jealous fits when she goes out with other people. And let's face it, a presence sometimes isn't enough. Ava feels lonely, and wants people to talk to, and a real hand to hold. But she still feels tremendous love for Jackson, and substantial guilt about his accidental death. But how can either of them really let go?
I HEART YOU, YOU HAUNT ME is eerily romantic, slightly frightening, and incredibly engrossing. Powerful emotions, vivid characters, and a heartfelt lesson, come across in very few words. Written in verse, I HEART YOU, YOU HAUNT ME, takes the reader directly into Ava's head and soul! This novel is beautifully executed. I just loved it.
Lisa Schroeder is the featured author at the Class of Y2K8

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