Thursday, January 22, 2009

Book Review: Cindy Ella

Poised at the Edge Book Review
Cindy Ella
By Robin Palmer

Cindy Ella Gold is a non-conformist. She routinely writes letters to the editor of the Courier, the Castle Heights High School news paper, which are systematically ignored….. until she writes a letter disparaging the prom and all it stands for. When her letter is printed, Cindy goes immediately from being invisible to being the school leper. The outrage at her opinion doesn't stop on campus; her stepsisters, the Clones, and her stepmother Clarissa are affronted and humiliated by her letter.

As the prom approaches, Cindy Ella's only allies defect and accept invitations to the prom. While the Clones and Clarissa and in a feverish pre-prom shopping frenzy, and Cindy is tormented with the teen angst of unrequited love, Cindy Ella is also developing a friendship on-line with someone who thinks that she is awesome exactly the way that she is.

Cindy Ella is a book about being yourself, with only hints of Cinderella, where dreams really do come true. It is funny and embarrassing, with those humiliating high school moments that only the lucky escaped. It is a story about a girl with character and great best friends. I recommend you pick up Robin Palmer's book and eat it up like candy

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