Thursday, January 22, 2009


Poised at the Edge Book Review
Jennifer Ziegler
Sometimes hippie parents blow! Not only did Maggie Dempsy's parents name her Sugar Magnolia, but they have a cruel and unusual habit of moving her from place to place, yanking her away from every school and every friend that she ever has a chance to get used to. When she was younger she was pretty much okay with the arrangement. But as she got older it felt worse and worse to abandon everything she comes to care about.
The final straw is when Maggie is forced to move after her sophomore year. Not only is she leaving behind great friends, she's also leaving behind her first real boyfriend, who she spent the last six months falling in love with. Not only does she feel isolated and lonely, but her ex has no issue with moving on. Maggie's furious at her parents. In desperation she devises a plan to not get ripped away from another life she loves.
It's always been easy for Maggie to assimilate into the "popular" crowd. But now that she's moved to Austin, she has a totally different strategy. She does not want to make friends. She does not want to fit in. She most definitely does not want to get another boyfriend….just to get it all taken away again.
So instead of trying to wear cute clothes and lip gloss she dons muumuus and swim caps. She wears mechanics jumpsuits and carries Star Trek lunchboxes. She even takes her crazy, touchy-feely, hippie parents to school, where her mother gives an unnecessarily graphic description of kegel exercises in the school cafeteria (if you don't laugh when you read this, you have NO sense of humor!) Maggie will do anything to keep everyone at a distance. But of course the best laid plans never turn out quite how you want them to.
HOW NOT TO BE POPULAR is consistently hilarious, and that's a really good thing! It's funny, refreshing, and quite simply, a delightful read.

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