Thursday, January 22, 2009


Poised at the Edge Book Review.
Kelly Para

Kara Martinez has an enormous secret. She can't tell anyone, not even her best friend Danielle (who seems to have some secrets herself.) Kara has been chasing "normal" since she was in a serious accident eleven years before. Since her beloved father died Kara's hard working, but domineering mother tries to eliminate the caliente side of her Mexican heritage. Also, since their dad died, her brother Jason has drifted further and further away.
After the boating accident that killed her father Kara was officially dead for eleven minutes. When she awoke she had a new and strange gift. She sees signs, visions that are clues to a person's fate, if she can put together the pieces of the puzzle fast enough. She is sometimes able to use the signs to help avert disasters. Even though she can do good, sometimes this special ability makes her feel like a freak. Why can't she just be a normal girl?
Because she has no one to confide in, Kara creates an anonymous blog called SECRET FATES: the sign seer's blog, where she spills her guts about her strange and alienating ability. It's exciting for her to hear people's responses to her extraordinary situation. Suddenly she feels less alone.
The stakes of the game become much higher when she sees the sign of a gun appear on a classmate from Valdez High. Now as she investigates the clues she finds herself falling for a mysterious, possibly dangerous stranger, who appears to be a central part of the puzzle. But while she's drawn to Anthony everyone else seems to have a problem with him. Her mother calls him a gang banger, and her brother wants to fight him. Also, the signs and clues seem to be encompassing more people. Kara can't seem to put all the pieces together.
Kara also finds anonymous notes in her locker from a SECRET FATES reader who knows her true identity. At the same time Kara's mom is concerned about Kara's mental state that she wants to have her institutionalized again. There also seems to be something wrong with her best friend, Danielle. Life is pure chaos. And time is moving quickly, if Kara doesn't solve the latest puzzle someone might end up dead.
Author Kelly Para still writes rich, believable characters that are immersed in Latin culture, but this time she enters a whole new realm of storytelling. INVISIBLE TOUCH is a gripping paranormal tale, with fast paced suspense, and a satisfying conclusion. Readers will delight in the suspense, romance, and insights of this dynamic story!

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