Thursday, January 22, 2009


Poised at the Edge Book Review.
The Debutante
By Kathryn Williams

In The Debutante, Annie finds herself living her worst nightmare. Right before her senior year Annie's family moves from Connecticut to Beaufort, Alabama. The fact that her boyfriend dumped her right before the move did not improve the situation. Life in Beaufort promised to be a special version of hell, filled with her overbearing Gram, "the club" filled with judgmental old biddies, a dress code, and criticism. Just when Annie thought that was more than she could take, the cherry on the proverbial cake was the invitation to be a debutant, which was shoved down her throat. If she dared refuse, her college funds held by Gram would be withheld.
Reluctantly, Annie entered a foreign world of blond cheerleaders with southern drawls and two names. Her only consolation was that there was actually a field hockey team, her passion in her past life. Annie clings to her Connecticut connections, particularly her best friend Jaime. When it seems like Annie could not feel any more alone, she suffers the worst betrayal of all – Jaime hooking up with her ex-boyfriend.
Slowly Annie finds her way; discovering that not everyone was a backward redneck. She makes friends with the pretty "Marys" (Mary Price and Mary Katherine) and finds other friends, especially cute Robert. Her new friends are actually normal teenagers, but with a southern twist.
The Debutante is a page turner with honest expressions of true teen angst and self deprecation. The special and complicated friendships that form with their twists and turns during the teen years are played out in this southern teen novel. Annie grows and changes, learning new appreciation for family and embracing change.

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