Thursday, January 22, 2009


Poised at the Edge Book Review
Laurie Faria Stolarz

Sometimes it’s hard to tell who you can trust. Up until three months ago Camelia’s life had been both comfortable, and fairly predictable. Her parents are caring (even if her mom is a bit over the top with her wingnut-vegan ways) her grades are just fine, and she has an awesome part time job at an art studio. She’s got interesting (albeit borderline obnoxious) close friends; life is pretty smooth sailing. Then suddenly everything changes.
Camelia is nearly run over when a girl at her school loses control of her vehicle. A mysterious stranger pushes her out of the way just in time. She’s very intrigued by him, but doesn’t see him again for three months. Then he reappears in her life on the first day of her junior year. Ben Carter’s matriculation in Camelia’s high school is fraught with gossip and drama. Rumor has it that Ben is responsible for the death of his former girlfriend. The kids at school (and Camelia’s best friends Kimmie and Wes) are absolutely buzzing.
Camelia finds herself irresistibly drawn to Ben. He in turn has a very strange habit of touching her. But right around the time Ben resurfaces; Camelia begins getting harassing phone calls, mysterious gifts, and warning that someone is always watching her. Could it be the beautiful stranger who saved her life, or someone whom she’d least expect?.
DEADLY LITTLE SECRET is a gripping page turner that keeps readers guessing up till the very end. Veteran paranormal romance writer Laurie Faria Stolarz delivers another faced-paced fantasy, whose characters are unique, believable, and all together entertaining. Ms. Stolarz is an expert at writing humorous teen dialogue. She just seems to keep getting better and better at what she does.
The good news is that DEADLY LITTLE SECRET is the first book of series. It will be in stores December 16th, or you can preorder it at: AmazonBordersBarnes & Nobles....
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