Thursday, January 22, 2009

Poised at the Edge Book Review
First Daughter – White House Rules
By Mitali Perkins
Sameera is your ordinary teenager, with a popular blog, who happens to be the daughter of the newest President of the United States. Life in the White House has its own special sets of rules, "Protocol", if you will. As Sameera and her cousin Miranda (Ran) settle in, they develop a funny language for some of the crazy aspects of White House life, filled with cougars (Secret Service), Pandas (chefs), and Rhinos (paparazzi), and many others. The protocol even includes waltzing lessons.
While Sameera tries to adjust to White House life, one thing she can't adjust to is the Bobby, a friend who she really wants to be more than a friend, is suddenly AWOL after her father was elected.
Sameera's journey to establish some normalcy as the First Daughter is humorous and entertaining. I enjoyed the book's vantage point, where Sameera (whose nickname is Sparrow) is adopted and Pakistani by birth. One of the most interesting issues that this book tackles is the racial divide between the Muslim from Pakistan and the Hindus from India, which doesn't make sense to teenagers who grew up in the United States, but still stays relevant to the older generations of both cultures.
Mitali Perkins writes a readable and engaging book that teenagers will easily read and relate to. Sameera keeps it real and works through some of her issues through her popular Sparrowblog, including letting the public in on some of the bizarre issues that come along with life in the White House. Her friendship with her cousin Ran is also an aspect of the book that everyone can relate to, which made the reader think about how important special relationships are for every walk of life.

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