Thursday, January 22, 2009

Book Review: WOULD YOU

Poised at the Edge Book Review
Marthe Jocelyn

Natalie and Claire are having a good summer. Natalie is working at the Y and hanging with her friends. Claire is spending her last glorious summer before going off to college. Nat and her friends are sneaking into neighborhood pools, while Claire is trying to figure out a way to ditch her high School boyfriend. But what begins as a typical summer of mischief ends in a life changing accident, leaving Claire comatose, and Natalie wondering what next?
Grief and desperation drive Natalie's family to walk a precarious line between survival and insanity. Natalie now sits with her big sister (kept alive by a ventilator) barely recognizing her. Gone is beautiful, vibrant, animated Claire. Now Natalie's soul-mate and greatest confidant is bloated, bald, with an enormous scar on her head. The biggest blow comes when tests determine that Claire is entirely brain-dead.
Now Natalie's family is forced to deal with the most painful decision of their life. WOULD YOU is a serious story, with many bitter-sweet funny moments. Natalie leans on her group of funny irreverent friends to help pull her through a situation too big and awful for anyone to handle. The story is smartly written, and moves at a fast pace. Be prepared to cry.

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