Thursday, January 22, 2009

Book Review: FAR FROM YOU

Poised at the Edge Book Review
Lisa Schroeder

Even though it’s been a long time since Alice’s mother died of cancer time hasn’t healed much. In fact, time has only seemed to amplify the loss. It’s been that much longer since she’s heard her mother’s voice or felt her comforting arms around her. To make matters worse her father seems to have moved right along. In fact, he and his new wife Victoria have just had a brand new baby girl. Both she and her mother have been replaced in her father’s heart.
Alice’s only real sources of comfort are her best friend Claire, the sweet a sad music they play together, and her boyfriend Blaze. The situation becomes dire when she and Claire have what appears to be a permanent falling out. Claire is tired of Alice’s melancholy music and her refusal to reengage in life after her mother’s death. Now, with Claire no longer talking to her, Alice is forced to accompany Victoria, her father, and her newborn baby sister on a Thanksgiving visit to see Victoria’s relatives.
Alice is resentful about having to leave Blaze, and participate in an event that really has little or nothing to do with her. When her father is forced to leave the trip early, and Alice and Victoria (along with the infant) do the drive home alone the story takes a terrifying turn. Alice, Victoria and the baby are suddenly in peril when their car gets stuck in a snow drift on an isolated back road. Trapped in a small space with death looming as a plausible prospect, the two former adversaries form a deep bond. The whole experience forces Alice to stare in the face issues she has long been avoiding, while looking to the heavens for help.
FAR ROM YOU is a remarkably beautiful, emotional tale. The artistic, yet concisely written novel in verse is absolutely impossible to put down. Please be aware, you may want to keep tissues nearby. Lisa Schroder’s second novel even surpasses her quite lovely debut I HEART YOU, YOU HAUNT ME. This magical tale of love, faith, and moving on is sure to please!

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