Thursday, January 22, 2009


Poised at the Edge Book Review
Alyson Noel

This is the year that things are happening for Colby Cavendish. She's been hanging out with Amanda Harmon, the most popular girl at Harbor High School. Too bad she had to discard Natalie, her best friend since forever. Colby can't wait to start her first summer sans dorkdom, when her parents drop a bomb! They're getting a divorce. Now they are selling her childhood home, and sending her to Greece for the summer to live with her "crazy" aunt Tally. All the begging and pleading in the world will do no good.
Colby's hopes are dashed. And to think, she'd just hooked up with Levi Bonham, the hottie she'd been pining for since sixth grade. To make matters worse, Amanda has what is basically the equivalent of social A.D.D. Colby's role is bound to be usurped by some desperate wannabe. This is a fate worse than death.
So, completely against her own will, finds herself on the tiny and remote island of Tinos. Deprived of shopping malls, friends, and a life in general, Colby finds an internet café where she blogs about her (BORING!) experience in Greece. Much to her disappointment, Amanda isn't much of a correspondent. In fact, she seems to have forgotten about Colby all together.
Aunt Tally, a Bohemian free-spirit, doesn't turn out to be so crazy after all. But the real highlight of the summer is meeting Yannis, a local boy, who opens her eyes to a whole different world. Suddenly the social games with Amanda (and Levi) seem less important. Colby experiences something much deeper and intense than a summer fling. It forces her to look at herself, and the life she left behind in a whole different way.
Alyson Noel is an adept story teller who captures the emotions of the teen years in a way that is both realistic and moving. CRUEL SUMMER is fun summer read, perfect for the beach or travel.

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