Saturday, January 31, 2009


Poised at the Edge Book Review
The ABC’s of Kissing Boys
Tina Ferraro

Parker Stanhope can’t wait to play varsity soccer now that she’s a junior. After all, she’s been playing soccer practically since she could walk. Her life has been working out just the way she wants it to. She’s made new friends who are a lot more popular than her middle school friends were, she’s paid her dues on the soccer field, and now she’s headed for varsity glory. But then her coach moves all of her best friends up, but leaves her behind with the JV losers!
This is social disaster of epic proportions. Now her crew of “best friends” is pretty much disowning her, using the excuse that she needs to bond with her own team mates. How could things possibly get worse? In an attempt to regain her “perfect life” back Parker, with the help of her studying to be lawyer big brother, cook up a ridiculous plan to be put on the varsity team.
Parker’s plan involves a prom king, a kissing booth, a desirable parking place, and lots of cash. Now all Parker has to do is pull of a realistic looking kiss. Here’s the problem: she’s never even really been kissed. Her solution: an unlikely kissing coach. How did her life ever come to this?
Now she’s having canoodling lessons from her (almost) hot freshmen neighbor! The plot thickens when her very popular ex-best friends find out about this strange relationship. Now it’s all over the school. Parker is in love with a freshmen (and she thought JV soccer was social suicide.) To make matters even more complicated, his father and her father, have a feud of Hatfield and McCoy proportions.
Tina Ferraro always writes funny, complicated novels about high school politics. The ABC’S OF KISSING is engaging story with laugh out loud moments, and memorable characters. Highly entertaining!

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