Thursday, January 22, 2009

Book Review IN YOUR ROOM

Poised at the Edge Book Review
Jordanna Fraiberg

Molly Hill is overwhelmed when her mother decides to marry the boyfriend she's only known six months. She knows it's selfish to complain, after all, her father has been dead for nearly eleven years. Her mother deserves a little happiness, right? Still Molly is uncomfortable, and on some levels resentful of her new stepfather's presence.
Things get even stranger when Molly's mother and her new husband Ron invite Molly along on their honeymoon. If that's not weird enough their honeymoon is not really a honeymoon at all. They are doing a house swap with one of Ron's colleagues and will be spending their entire in summer in Colorado. This does not appeal to the Los Angeles dwelling, budding designer, total fashionista, Molly Hill.
Molly finds herself spending the summer in the bedroom of mountain bike shredding, granola munching, girl-magnet Charlie Richards. On paper they're not an obvious match. But through a series of e-mails and instant messages the two begin to connect in a unique and honest way. They also find themselves becoming inadvertently intertwined in each other's lives. Molly ends up working at used clothing store with Charlie's bitter ex, while Charlie hangs out with Molly's close friend Celeste (who visits Molly's closet on a regular basis to borrow clothes.)
Matters get complicated when Celeste (who knows nothing about the burgeoning virtual romance between Charlie and Molly) comes on really strong to Charlie. Even though Charlie has developed an undeniable attachment to Molly, he can't help but be tempted by the beautiful, but woefully insecure, Celeste. This unfortunate event almost destroys the love connection between Molly and Charlie. But this perfect summer romance manages to finish off with a happy ending.
IN YOUR ROOM is a sweet, well written summer romance. Jordanna Fraiberg writes characters who are likeable, believable, and painfully human. This engaging love story is just a lot of fun to read.

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