Thursday, January 22, 2009


Poised at the Edge Book Review
Maryrose Wood
Emily Pearl has a serious love of theater. In particular she is in love with the Broadway musical AURORA. She and her best friend share an obsession for the show (who reclusive author has never been named.) Emily and Phillip take weekly excursions to see AURORA, thanks to a secret loan by Emily's grandmother Rose. The weekly ritual is the brightest spot in Emily's otherwise drab existence.
Some people (especially Emily's English teacher, Mr. Henderson) are annoyed by, or worried about, Emily's borderline obsession. Emily's neatly-packed world begins to unravel when AURORA chat sites are over-run with rumors that AURORA will soon be closing. Not only that, but Emily's warm and cozy friendship with Phillip is becoming increasingly confusing. Is she falling in love with him? Does he love her back? Does he even like girls?
MY LIFE THE MUSICAL is a tender funny story, deeply imbued with the colorful flavor of Broadway musicals. Emily and Phillip are particularly likeable characters, who you can't help rooting for. It's story about love, friendship, and life's big mysteries! It's highly-recommended read. I'd suggest pairing it with E. Lockhart's DRAMARAMA. Brava!

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