Thursday, January 22, 2009

Book Review: TANTALIZE

Poised at the Edge book Review
Are You Predator Or Prey?
Hungry horror fans will be fully satisfied with Cynthia Leitich Smith's darkly delicious debut YA novel, Tantalize. It's a fine combination of edge of your seat suspense, mixed with sensuously atmospheric romance.
Tantalize tells the story of Quincie Morris, whose life is fraught with loss. Her parents are dead. Now her best friend, who happens to be the love of her life, is leaving too, and under the worst of circumstances.
All Quincie really has is Sanguini's, the restaurant she inherited from her mother. She and her uncle have decided to have the first and only vampire- themed, fine dining in Austin, Texas.
A confusing chain of event begins when Sanguini's head chef is mysteriously murdered in the restaurant kitchen. Quincie is left having no idea who she can trust in a world peopled with shape shifters, vampires, and friends who aren't what they seem.
Fans of Twilight, Great and Terrible Beauty, and Blood and Chocolate will rejoice in this gothic fantasy masterpiece, that will keep them guessing until the end. With gorgeous cover art, well-researched plot, and a unique splash of wit, Tantalize is a keeper.

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