Thursday, January 22, 2009


Poised at the Edge Book Review
Stephanie Hale

Aspen Brooks is back! The Dooney-toting princess/super-sleuth finds herself caught up in another mystery. After a senior year that includes slashed tires, subterfuge, and being kidnapped Aspen should be ready for anything, right? But Aspen thinks college will be a great place to chill. Harry Malone (who helped save her when she was held hostage last year) is paying her tuition. She's been accepted into the most desirable sorority on campus, and her beloved super-hottie boyfriend, Rand is living directly above her. Perfect, right?
So wrong. The Zeta sisterhood turns out to be totally twisted. Aspen didn't join the Zeta's just for the obvious social reasons. Detective Harry Malone's niece Mitzi was also a Zeta member. She went missing last semester, leaving nothing behind but a blood-soaked bed. Now it's Aspen's job to infiltrate the sisterhood and find out anything she can about Mitzi' disappearance. Now she's dealing with militant, malicious meanies, who want to control every aspect of her existence.
But Harry Malone is not the only one trying to solve the mystery. Rand's super-hot, (but rude, slimy, pervy) roommate also wants to find Mitzi. He claims they were embroiled in a top-secret love affair. Aspen is totally undercover, and facing a fair amount of danger herself. To make matters worse Rand is becoming more and more detached. He's too involved with his new fraternity's obnoxious antics. Plus he's incredibly suspicious of Aspen's involvement with his misogynistic roommate.
Now Aspen's freshman year of college has turned into a big fat Greek mess! Fans of REVENGE OF THE HOMECOMING will eat up TWISTED SISTERS. Stephanie Hale re-establishes herself as YA/Chick-lit royalty with this laugh-out loud adventure, full of surprising twists (yes-pun intended), and memorable characters (and one of the grossest representations of low-carb diets ever!) Brava Stephanie! Keep 'em coming!

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