Thursday, January 22, 2009


Poised at the Edge Book Review
Mary E. Pearson

Seventeen-year-old Jenna Fox awaked from a year long coma without a single memory in her head. Her world is curious. She's been told her name is Jenna, she's been told the woman with her is her mother; but she doesn't know what to do with this information. She doesn't know if she ever had friends, she doesn't know how to eat food. And she doesn't understand why her grandmother Lily looks at her with a combination of resentment and horror.
Time heals; the memories will come back slowly. That's what her distant doctor/father tells her. But why did her family have to relocate? Why is every part of her former life completely gone? All she has is a series of DVDs that her parents filmed of her over the years. These DVDs generate more questions than they answer. For instance; why is Jenna two inches shorter than she used to be?
Then the memories do start coming back. Jenna knows she had friends; two best friends. The scary thing is she hears their voices. They're telling her to hurry. What does it mean? Everyone around her wants to protect her, and sequester her. No one wants to give her real answers. By accident she makes a discovery about herself that begins to unravel a truth too frightening to comprehend.
Mary E. Pearson's brave new story about futuristic medical ethics is nothing short of phenomenal. It poses so many questions about the soul, and how far should people go to keep people alive. This engrossing story reads quickly, but will leave the reader thinking about it for a long, long time.
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