Thursday, January 22, 2009

Poised at the Edge Book Review

Kerri Langston has always had psychic visions of the dead. After her father's presumed suicide the visions have become more intense. Her belief in his pleas to help solve the mystery of his death have earned her the label of "unstable" by the kinder people, and "town freak" by some of her less sympathetic peers.
When Keri stumbles upon a body in the woods near Deacon Pond, she realizes that her connection to the dead may help her solve a crime. The murder victim turns out to be a small piece in a complex puzzle. The murder is also intricately connected to Kerri's father's death, and Kerri's childhood best friend, who she's starting to fall in love with.
E.M. Alexander creates a tightly written suspense story that delves into both the world of paranormal, and real-life crime. This mystery takes turns that are truly unexpected. The writing is both intelligent and original.

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